How I distaste random gunfire

Hard to imagine that there were too many crapheads out in the Harold Creek area. It was a day of walking, listening to Rambo’s fire off round after round; whether they were crappy shooters or not, I don’t know – but am hoping they were just sighting in their rifles. During prime hunting season. In the middle of a great hunting area. Awesome. Didn’t see a dang thing, all day long.

Here’s a small map of where I was – the icons on the map indicate where I saw plenty of sign, just no deer:

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I walked away from this one…


This is a proud moment; when others would choose to shoot, I weighed all the factors.  Too close to the road, too close to potentially occupied buildings, and perhaps too close to a provincial recreation area.

That said, a four point whitetail on opening weekend would have been the best!!